Invisible hidden wireless Micro Earpiece sleeve Microphone, Shirt style, cash on delivery

The smallest Only φ3x1.5mm,

Better concealment in summer

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ystem was specially worked out for those special situations when a person needs to communicate secretly. The advantage is wearing comfortable, compact configuration, simple operation and good concealment. Mainly apply to the working condition because of expositing earphone and earphone body inconveniently, such as


  • antiterrorism

  • criminal reconnaissance

  • radio broadcasting

  • theatrical performances

  • law enforcement

  • bodyguards

  • movie studio sets

  • conference operations

  •  for magic

 Invisible hidden Spy wireless Micro Earpiece sleeve Microphone, Shirt style,  cash on delivery

Invisible hidden wireless Micro Earpiece sleeve Microphone, Shirt style,  cash on delivery

Invisible hidden wireless Micro Earpiece sleeve Microphone, Shirt style,  cash on delivery



This new inductive system is intended to provide wireless connection with cell phones.
It consists of an earpiece (placed in your ear/deep canal and it is absolutely invisible), 
a tank top integrated with loop set with a transmitter
and a connector with microphone.


All stuffs are fixed imperceptibly under the clothes,


while the earpiece is tiny size, invisible.


This invisible spy earpiece receives the signal through loop set (an induction coil). 





Free one sleeve mic /connector for Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, 
Dopod, O2, HTC, Asus, Samsung, Smart Phone, Windows Mobile, PPC






How does it work?


This Wireless Earphone is a wireless electromagnetic wave inductive and receiving device, which designed completely according to human ear canal. It composes a covert signal transfers and receiver system with the electromagnetic wave inductive module.



Key Features:


  • Small earpiece, better sound than silver earpiece, excellent concealment

  • Free special Stick for taking out the earpiece from your ear

  • Tank top style, special design for summer, better concealment than U10, U11, U12, U13

  • Free connector/sleeve microphone, for any kinds of audio device, such as cell phone, walkie talkie, mp3 player..

  • Plug and Play design

  • Upgrade: Re-designed Circuit Board, more stable, much safer

  • Upgrade: Internal gain control, better sound for some kinds of phones




Earpiece Dimension
φ3 x 1.5mm
Earpiece Weight

only 0.4g

Volume Output
350Hz - 5kHz
Distortion Rate
< 5%
Battery Style
two 9V (available everywhere)
Battery Life
max 5 hrs.






Package Includes:


  • E2: Gold earpiece (φ3 x 1.5mm) x2

  • E6: Additional Mini Earpiece (φ5.5 x 6mm or φ6.5 x 7mm) x2 , The sound is low

  • Tank top (shirt) with 2011 new Transmitter, Loop Set (Size: XL, for guys 165-175cm tall) x1

  • Sleeve Mic Connector, x1, Don't forget to select one for your device from here after you win

  • Free: Stick x1, for taking out the earpiece, you can't get it elsewhere in the world.

  • 9V Battery x2, Attention: Due to Airmail regulations, the two 9V batteries may not be shipped to you. They are available everywhere.

  • Bluetooth (optional)


Product History:


We are confident that the new model V13 has a much better quality than those from our competitors, due to a bunch of improvements, such as selected electronic component, SMT manufacturing processes, Internal gain control, Plug & Play, Fail protection....


We make thing better and better....  


Comparison Table 1
Model V10 V11 V12 V13
Released Date

No this version

First Released 2008 2009 2011
Shirt style   Yes Yes Yes
Earpiece   Silver Golden Golden
Normal Microphone   Yes    
Sleeve Microphone     Yes Yes
Cooler box   Yes Yes Yes
Gain control       Yes
SMT technology       Yes
Fail protection       Yes
External switch   Yes Yes  
Battery style   9V x2 9V x2 9V x2
Battery life   4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Price ($ USD)   $45 $55 $65








Frequently Asked Questions of Spy Earpiece:


  1. Is it better than old model V12?
    Yes, V13 has all the great features from V12, such as shirt style, golden earpiece (better sound and longer life), sleeve microphone (good for whisper).

    And V13 is more stable and much safer due to the re-designed Circuit Board.

  2. Is it safe to use the spy earpiece? 
    It is absolutely safe to use. All you need to do is to follow simple instructions:
    • How to connect the system, see below . 
    • How to wear the earpiece, see below . 
    • How to take the earpiece out, see below
  3. Can anyone see or hear that I have an earpiece in my ear?
    No, they can't. When it's inside your ear it cannot be heard from outside. 
    The earpiece is small enough that no one will ever notice you have anything inside your ear. Make sure you adjust the volume on your device so that you can hear it loud and clear. 

  4. What is the output of volume in the earphone? 
    The output of volume is medium level. It provides perfect clear sound.

  5. How to connect the system?
    • There are two plugs on the connector/ sleeve microphone.
    • One of them (Red Pin) connects to Loopset
    • The other plug connects to a cell phone or Mp3 player
    • Install the 9v batteries.

  6. How to wear the earpiece/ how to make it work?
    • Clean your ear(s) thoroughly right before use, it is important.
    • Wear the Loopset around your neck, turn the volume down.
    • Put your head parallel to the ground. Your ear faces to sky. Carefully release the earpiece, let it fall into your canal. You will hear a sound like "po to", and it is in your deep canal. If not, take it out and try again.
    • Slowly turn up the volume, and it is working.


    E2: Earpiece (φ3 x 1.5mm)

    E6: Mini Earpiece (φ5.5 x6 mm)




  7. How to take the earpiece out?
    When you are done, don't forget to take the earpiece out with the help of STICK or metal key, or something like that.
    • Attach the two additional mini earpiece (E6) to the Stick.
    • Place the Stick A near your ear canal. see the below picture
    • Slowly put your head parallel to the ground, the magnetic force will make them attracted together, and it is done.


  8. The volume is low/ I can't hear anything, why? 
    •  Please make sure that you wear the earpiece correctly. The earpiece should be placed in your Deep Canal close to ear drum, or you will hear no sound or low sound.
    •  Please make sure that output volume of your cell phone/device is normal. 
    •  Wearing one earpiece is enough to get clear sound. If needed, wearing two earpieces in two ears to improve.
    Earpiece (E2: φ3x1.5mm) is much louder than Mini Earpiece (E6: φ5.5x6mm or φ6.5x7mm)

  9. How about the quality of the sound in my ear? Is there any noises?
    The sound is crystal clear and you can hear every said word by your interlocutor on the other side. The system don't produce any noises that you can hear. If you get loud noises, please check your cell phone/device, and feel free to contact us.

  10. Is it a product for enjoying music?
    No, you should buy a HI FI earphone to listen to music. We don't suggest this or similar products for music. It is for covert communication.


  11. How are the earpiece powered? 
    This model of earpie
    ce doesn't need power to work, but the loop transmitter needs two pieces of 9v battery. They are available everywhere.

  12. What is the advantage of this product?
    High concealment, the earpiece (E2) is absolutely invisible. 
    The Loop Set is invisible, special design for summer.
    The wire between Loop Set and Transmitter is under the tank top, and invisible.
    Transmitter and batteries can be fixed under the clothes, and invisible too.
    The sound is clear, the system is suitable for various environments.

  13. What is the disadvantage of this product?
    It comes with some accessories: battery, transmitter. 
    It needs 9v batteries.
    The earpiece E2 is not easy to be worn for the first time. But you can wear it fast for the second time. 

  14. I want to know more details, can I write an email to you? 
    Yes, we would like to answer any questions before and after you buy it.

  15. I bought a similar product from your competitor, I couldn't hear clearly, Can I contact you for help?
    Yes, you are always welcome. We are familiar with most of devices in the market. 

  16. If I buy more than one set can I get a discount? 
    Yes, we are the manufacturer, we will consider discounts for resellers, and we accept OEM orders. Don't hesitate to contact us.


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